Book When I Become A Dad

When I Become A Dad

A few images and words of encouragement for our youth to think about when that magical day comes when they themselves become someone's "daddy." Especially those that have not had the best of examples. Please place this in the hands of as many young (and not so young) men as you possibly can.

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You are Mine

You are Mine

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29/365 - "You Are Mine"

"You are Mine" is dedicated to a sista who wrote me this morning stating that her 10-year old was being rejected by her dad AND grandma because grandma's sons have strong genes and this child looks too much like the momma. Not to mention, daddy is "black" and momma is "light." Oh...did I say there was a blood test confirming his paternity? Same old tired story. I told her to not bear a heavy heart and open herself to finding a real man. To forgive them of their ignorance for her sake and her daughter's. They deserve to live without giving those idiots any energy.

The background reads "you don't have to look like me for me to know you are mine. always, DAD."


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Sunday, January 29, 2012

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