Book When I Become A Dad

When I Become A Dad

A few images and words of encouragement for our youth to think about when that magical day comes when they themselves become someone's "daddy." Especially those that have not had the best of examples. Please place this in the hands of as many young (and not so young) men as you possibly can.

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From the Beginning

From the Beginning

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28/365 - "From the Beginning"

Once you get past the shock or discovery that you got someone pregnant,at some point you got to accept the fact that you are going to be responsible for a child. No better time to get that emotional attachment than right in the beginning. It makes that first birthday oh so sweeter when they make that incredible journey. I was able to deliver my youngest and MAN it was AWESOME! I'll never forget the feeling of looking at my wife and then seeing what she was nuturing for nine months...INCREDIBLE! I get that same feeling with these paintings right when they are just about done. You all and your comments and support are just as special in my heart. I really appreciate all of you. We are changing the world!!


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Saturday, January 28, 2012

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